Node Deployment

Using Ansible Playbook to deploy an Agoric nodes

Testnet with state_sync

ansible-playbook -i inventory_testnet.ini main.yml \
    -e "protocol=agoric" \
    -e "target=local" \
    -e "state_sync=true"

If you want node to be running at the end - add -e launch=true. Also state_sync by default will be false

Command above will install:

  • prometheus

  • agoric (build from source code)

  • cosmovisor

Mainnet without state_sync

ansible-playbook -i inventory_remote_mainnet.ini main.yml \
    -e "protocol=agoric" \
    -e "target=local" \
    -e "state_sync=false" \
    -e "launch=true"

Gathering snapshot and applying on the running node

ansible-playbook -i inventory_remote_mainnet.ini support_sync_snapshot.yml \
        -e "protocol=agoric" \
        -e "target=local" \
        -e "state_sync=false" \
        -e "launch=true" \
        -e "network_type=mainnet" \
        -e "snapshot_url='<>'"  \
        -e "snapshot_json_snapshot_name=agoric-upgrade-11"

Cleanup server from the node

ansible-playbook -i inventory_remote_testnet.ini support_remove_node.yml \
    -e "protocol=agoric" \
    -e "target=local"

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