Agoric Staking (BLD)

Agoric (BLD) Staking Guide

What is Agoric?

The Agoric crypto economy utilizes Hardened JavaScript to make blockchain programming safe for JavaScript developers, offering a foundation for DeFi with a fast and predictable chain. It integrates familiar, secure, and composable development practices and features IST and BLD tokens for economic activity. The system includes tightly-coupled Dapp, Inter Protocol, and Staking economies, offering governance, validation, and fees.

Stake BLD tokens

In this step-by-step guide, we will explain to you how to stake your BLD token by using Keplr wallet. Let’s get started!

Staking your BLD tokens with Keplr wallet

Installing Keplr to Activate a Wallet

Using a browser such as Google Chrome or Brave

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store to Add to Chrome

  2. Add “Keplr” window will appear. Here's when you choose to Add Extension.

  3. When the download completes, you can begin interacting with your browser extension by clicking on it at the top right corner of your browser

  4. You'll now launch the Keplr wallet extension and will see the following 3 options

    1. Create a new account via seed/mnemonic phrase

    2. Import your account from a compatible non-custodial wallet

    3. Connect using a hardware wallet

Creating a new wallet

How to create a new Account via Recovery Phrase

  1. If you are setting up Keplr for the first time: In the initial pop-up window, choose Create new recovery phrase.

  2. Choose to have a recovery phrase of 24 words, then take care to save them. The safest way is to write the words on paper and store them in a secure place. Avoid taking screenshots of the words or copying them into your computer/phone notes.

  3. To confirm the creation of the new account, all you have to do is key in the words in the right order in which they appear in your recovery phrase, enter a name for your account, and set your password. Choose carefully, if possible, prefer a password you’re not using in any other application, and then click Next. If you have used Keplr before, this step will be skipped as you have already set your name and password when creating/importing your first account.

How to Stake BLD Tokens?

When you are all set it is time to learn how to stake BLD tokens.

BLD holders can earn staking rewards, thereby increasing their BLD holdings by simply staking their BLD tokens with any one of the active validators on the network.

To stake BLD tokens you must first have some BLD tokens and send them to a wallet that supports staking.

Once you’ve transferred your tokens to a stake-supporting wallet, you may proceed with staking your tokens on the network to earn staking rewards.

First, visit

Select a validator of your choice to stake your tokens to.

Once you have made your decision of validator, click >, then Stake.

In order to improve decentralization, please consider staking to out of top 10 validator.

Next step is to decide and key in the number of BLD tokens you want to stake in the input field and click Stake.

IMPORTANT: Do not stake all of your token, you need to save some to pay for network fees.

Next, click the transaction fee to choose the range of fees on display.

Click on Approve to confirm your transaction.

You have now staked your BLD tokens and will begin earning staking rewards!

Congratulations! You’ve just staked your BLD to a validator!

Thank you for reading.

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