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Ethereum Staking (ETH)

From Launchpads to Liquid Staking

Ethereum Foundation Goals

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) encourages everyone that's capable of operating an Ethereum client be doing so and staking 32 ETH at a time on a self-operated (or so called "Solo-staking") validator. The main goal is to secure the Ethereum network with as many home solo staking operators as possible, to help decentralize Ethereum's network to as far reaching as possible throughout the globe.
The EF then introduced the Launchpad to assist solo-stakers to generate self-sovereign validator accounts (or keys) in order to begin the solo-staking process. However, this wasn't enough to help fulfill the vision of the EF as professional operators and Web3 teams began to fill the gap.
Screenshot of Ethereum Foundation's Staking Launchapd

Staking Economy Gaps

With the current staking requirement architecture, staking in Ethereum has become a challenge to those who:
  • do not have at least 32 ETHs which they're willing to lock up as part of the staking requirements
  • do not have the technical expertise (or possess the confidence) to run Ethereum nodes effectively
  • do not wish to bear the responsibility of safekeeping validator keys nor maintaining Ethereum nodes over weeks or months at a time
Hence, there are numerous innovations to help bridge these gaps such as Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS), Pooled Staking and Centralized Exchange-based staking.

How KysenPool is Contributing to Staking on Ethereum

As an operator in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chains since 2019, the KysenPool team noticed this gap as they were adding Ethereum PoS into their portfolio, and hence decided to incubate a project to develop a SaaS solution. In Q3 2023, KysenPool launched a convenient 1-click staking service called JinOro

What's Next on The Horizon

It will be interesting to see what's next coming across the horizon of Ethereum staking. The main goal is to secure the Ethereum to be a resilient network accessible across the globe supported by all walks of life. At the time of this writing, liquid staking seems to be winning the narrative, but time will tell on where Ethereum staking will eventually land.

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Our infrastructure is a hybrid of data centers bolstered with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), and distributed globally at multiple Cloud providers. Our mission is to help provide a sound infrastructure, tooling and services, so that developers can build with confidence. We hope you like our contributions into the ecosystems that we support. To find out more about networks that we support, checkout our website below.

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